About Me

I am a petroleum geologist in Houston, Texas with 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. I have held various roles as a geologist in exploration, development, production and operations. I have worked projects in South America, the Permian Basin and California as well as academic work in the North Sea and the Middle East.

My skills include conventional, unconventional and EOR exploration and development in fluvial, deltaic, shallow marine and deep marine systems, compressional and strike-slip tectonic regimes, geomodeling (static reservoir modeling), seismic interpretation, facies modeling (deterministic, stochastic and object modeling techniques), petrophysical modeling (deterministic and stochastic methods), geostatistics, reservoir simulation, geomechanics, prospect generation with emphasis on uncertainty analysis and risk assessment.

I have also worked as a petrophysicist and log analyst and have experience with 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, seismic well ties, synthetics seismograms and velocity modeling.

I have field experience as a wireline logging engineer and as a mudlogger. I also served as a technical sales engineer for wireline and perforating services for a major oilfield services company.

My other interests include data analysis of all types of data, coding and computer programming, statistics, geostatistics, probability and uncertainty.

Software: Petrel, DecisionSpace (DSG), Geographix, Petrosys, Spotfire, ArcGIS, and other platforms.

I have proficiency in programming with Python, FORTRAN, VBA and various other programming languages.